We assist our clients and their families with five main areas of elder law.

  • Guardianships and conservatorships for older or vulnerable adults. These court orders are often sought by adult children or other family members in order to grant them the legal right to make decisions on behalf of a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of cognitive impairments.
  • Litigation: We represent seniors who have been physically injured in personal injury claims.  We also represent family members in wrongful death claims or inheritance disputes.  Lake Oswego Elder Law’s personal injury, wrongful death and inheritance dispute settlements have exceeded $1 million dollars.
  • Estate planning. We help people of all ages to create legal documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney and advance directives for health care.   These documents make it much easier for families to make end-of-life decisions.  Clients often feel a renewed peace of mind after finalizing their estate plan.  Setting up a revocable living trust with Lake Oswego Elder Law, for example, can prevent the financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult later in life as well as avoid the cost and inconvenience of probate.  Lake Oswego Elder Law now also offers pet trusts to ensure the health and safety of your four legged family members.
  • Probate and trust administration.   After a loved one passes away, we can help make sure their estate is properly and quickly transferred to the designated beneficiaries.  If there is a concern that a will or trust was written with the undue influence, fraud or manipulation of someone seeking to gain an inheritance, we can initiate a court action to invalidate these documents.
  • Medicaid planning when paying for long-term care is a concern.


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