Estate Planning

Estate planning involves creating  documents that express your wishes and provide specific directions to others about how to take care of your health, finances and pets during any period of incapacity or after your death.   These documents create peace of mind because they will answer the tough questions that your loved ones would otherwise have to decide in a crisis situation or while grieving. 

A carefully drafted estate plan, using documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and/or advance directives for health care can answer the following questions: 

     *Who will be in charge of my financial affairs and health care if I have a stroke or get Alzheimer’s Disease and can’t make rational decisions?

     *Is there a way to direct that my money be spent on in-home care rather than nursing home care if I need assistance? 

     *How can I make sure my children and pets will be cared for by the people I choose after I die? 

     *How can I ensure that my financially irresponsible child does not waste his entire inheritance? 

     *Can I set aside money in my will to care for my pets? 

     *How can I reduce or eliminate the inheritance taxes my children will have to pay after I die

     *Can I avoid having my estate going through the probate court process?

     *Who will take care of my affairs if I don’t have a reliable family member to make decisions for me? 

At your initial intake appointment, we will confidentially discuss your unique family dynamics, your financial situation, and your values, wishes and desires to create a plan that is right for you.   


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