Lake Oswego Elder Law represent seniors who have been physically injured in personal injury claims.  Oftentimes attorneys who do high volume “P.I.” work will not take on a case involving a senior citizen, especially when there might be Medicare or Medicaid liens.  I have also heard attorneys undervalue the elders’ claims and pass on their case because they think they won’t generate a high enough recovery to make it worth their while.  

I will use my experience in witnessing the with the emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences of seniors’ injuries in advocating for the highest possible settlement or recovery.  A recent example is a six figure settlement I received for the daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient.  Her mother left her accidentally unlocked adult care home, fell and passed away from a head injury.   I was quickly able to settle the claim with the homeowner’s insurance company in a wrongful death claim.  

We also do inheritance disputes.  If you believe that a will or trust was created or changed when a senior lacked the capacity to do so, or that the elder was being unduly pressured by a “friend” or family member to make changes, we can help to resolve this dispute.  

In total, Lake Oswego Elder Law’s personal injury, wrongful death and inheritance dispute settlements have exceeded one million dollars.

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